Hi, I’m John Del Rios…I won’t bore you with too many details of my past career. I’m happily married and retired with two gorgeuos and talented daughters. I spent over 30 years in the hi-tech chemical analysis industry doing everything from running chemistry QC labs to being an instructor (on how to use the chemistry) and later, jumping into the Internet (before we knew what it was) and finishing my career as a multimedia designer, running the web/graphic design department.

Upon retiring, I started and ran my own multimedia design company, since I love computer design and building websites to help small businesses market themselves, plus give back to my community by running the local Police, Fire and Senior Center Websites. Once I started to explore woodworking as a hobby, my business helped fund my acquisition of basic tools and plenty of pine (from the big-box stores) to develop my skills.

Getting to my creative background, I’ve taken short-courses in sculpting and carving stone, done some wood carving, glass blowing and ceramics. I’m self-taught in multimedia design working with 3D modeling and animation, photo-retouching and website coding. I’m an avid cook and love to eat too.

Once retiring, I pointed my interest to woodworking, built a nice shop in my basement and began building my first project – a work-center to house my small Jet table saw. From there I began buying and teaching myself to use the basic hand tools and skills…such as planes, chisels and saws. I’ve always thought that if I can use hand tools well, I can then augment my skills with power tools, when needed.

I love the creative process and get great pleasure in taking a raw material like wood or stone and making it into a work of art or just a functional, useful object, like a table, chair or whatever. My philosophy has always been to explore ALL aspects of life and when presented with something new to me, saying…”well, I’ve never done that before, but let’s find out how to do…and do it well”. And then, sharing that skill with someone, showing them what I’ve learned.

Heck…isn’t that what life is all about anyway…exploring, learning, teaching and sharing. I hope you enjoy my work.